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Hanging Bracket Scaffolding London

What is Hanging Scaffolding?

A hanging scaffold is a temporary structure that can be used to support work crews and materials during the project. It is a work platform that is supported by metal brackets and attached to a structured wall. It can be hung from cables or stirrups and needs to be attached to a structure that can support the hanging scaffold and its intended loads. Using hanging bracket scaffolding in London is popular because it is ideal for work on high elevations such as high rises and skyscrapers. It can be used for construction, window washing and building maintenance and is lightweight and easy to assemble. It is a static scaffold, so cannot be raised or lowered so is appropriate for work focused on a particular area.

Using a Hanging Scaffold

A hanging scaffold is perfect for working at height, providing a convenient walkway for workers and the materials they need to use. This could be for work on roof trusses, gutters, under-eave coverings and other building maintenance. The scaffold needs to be designed to support the people and materials that will be working on it, but generally there should be no more than three workers on the hanging scaffold at a time with materials not exceeding 340kg. All those working on a hanging scaffold should be wearing fall protection equipment attached to an independent lifeline. Unlike a swing stage, a hanging bracket scaffold is static, making it more secure and appropriate for longer term work.

Why Choose Pure Scaffolding

Pure Scaffolding can provide you with hanging bracket scaffolding in London and Essex for a range of different projects across both domestic and commercial sectors. We’ll work with you to provide scaffolding bespoke to your needs and requirements, building and then deconstruction it for you on site. We take safety seriously and our scaffolding is designed to National Scaffolding Association (NASC) guidelines, so you can always feel confident you are in safe hands with us. We’ll visit your site at regular intervals to check the safety, security and sturdiness of our scaffolding and are available for any emergency visits in the event the scaffolding is compromised due to extreme weather or trespassing. We can provide you with additional security measures such as alarms and access gates to discourage or prevent trespassing, protecting the safety and integrity of your construction project.

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"I needed to have scaffolding erected to paint the top half of my house. Had these guys come to me. They were friendly and careful with my property (the wife's flower bed) and all I can say is thank you guys. If I need scaffolding again, I will definitely be back in touch'"


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