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What is Suspended Scaffolding?

Suspended scaffolding is a type of scaffolding where work platforms hang from overhead support structures on roofs or building setbacks. There are cables or stirrups on either side of the platform, and these can be bought up and down to reach different areas of the building. They are most commonly used on high rise buildings or where the ground would be unstable.

They are most commonly used by window cleaners or for repairs on the exterior of tall buildings. But suspended scaffolding might also be used on houses, bridges, water towers, dams, culverts and other projects.

What Are The Benefits of Suspended Scaffold?

There are various benefits to the use of suspended scaffold when it comes to carrying out works, for example – suspended scaffolding can be more economical and save costs on materials and labour. This is because it is easy to install and transport as well as being lighter. If the project is appropriate, opting for suspended scaffolding can be the cheaper option.

As well as being more affordable, suspended scaffolding is extremely versatile, meaning it can used for a variety of uses and has the capacity for loading supplies, tools and workers. Suspended scaffolding in London is commonly seen due to the level of high rise buildings within the city and we can provide you with reliable, safe and expertly erected scaffolding through the city and surrounding area.

Why Choose Pure Scaffolding?

We can provide suspended scaffold for both domestic and commercial projects, designing scaffolding to your project needs. The benefit of using suspended scaffolding is that it has a flexible design and can be engineered and customised to your particular project.

You can be confident that when obtaining your scaffolding from us you will benefit from high safety standards and design that is in line with the guidance and legislation of the National Access and Scaffolding Association (NASC).

Safety is of the highest importance when it comes to scaffolding which is why our scaffolders and labourers are fully qualified and trained in health and safety and working at height to protect both themselves, others and the general public. They are supplied with fall protection equipment and will ensure the scaffolding is secure and safe before they leave.

We will also carry out regular scaffolding inspections to ensure it is safe and we are available 24/7 should you need us urgently to repair any broken or damaged scaffolding caused by extreme weather or vandalism. We can also supply security for your scaffolding such as motion alarms and access stairs to prevent scaffolding from being tampered with and remaining safe.

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If you would like to hire us for suspended scaffolding in London or the surrounding areas then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the details of your project and we will arrange for an initial assessment, so we can price up and design your scaffolding to your needs. We have experience in delivering scaffolding solutions at short notice, so whatever the demands, you can be confident we can deal with it.

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"Wow! I've used scaffolders before, some weren't just caring, but these lads, wow, they were quick, cheap, polite, friendly and did everything I asked for. The scaffolder and the technicians are like lighting. One of the best technicians I've ever seen."


"I needed to have scaffolding erected to paint the top half of my house. Had these guys come to me. They were friendly and careful with my property (the wife's flower bed) and all I can say is thank you guys. If I need scaffolding again, I will definitely be back in touch'"


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